Professional Conference Organizer

Are you seeking help holding your next conference? Organizing professional conferences requires a lot from the organizers. Not only do you need to keep track of a vast net of technicalities, but you also have to live up to the high expectations.
Thus, scheduling and executing conferences can be quite resource demanding for the unexperienced. Things can even get more complicated when its planned abroad.
Luckily, we at Copenhagen Event Company are among the best conference organizers in Europe. We have maore than 11 years of experience in planning and organizing conferences. The same goes for congresses and professional meetings.
If you are looking for a partner who can provide custom, innovative, and convenient solutions with a mix of Danish efficiency?

Then we are the perfect choice for you! 

Your Unique Needs in Focus

Conference planning is hard work as it requires extensive attention to details. This can get complicated if you want to arrange a top professional conference or event. Your attendees and guests might have high expectations which you’ll have to fulfil the best you can.
We are aware that not two organizations are alike. As such, we always take your needs into consideration when planning a conference. Thus, you can be sure that we never deliver or sell a standard solution to you.
Moreover, we never perform an assignment without first consulting our clients first. We listen your needs and wishes and take them to heart. Together we go through all the underlying details of your conference. We help you out with all the technical stuff and requirements from A-Z.

Arranging Top Conference is Hard Work – Let Us Take Care of It All

We believe in applying a partnership approach, in which we work together. This collaboration results in a fantastic and personalized service. We can meet your needs while ensuring excellent results and service throughout.
We have +11 years of experience in organizing corporate events. Thus, we can with confidence call ourselves a corporate event company. Besides to being a professional conference organizer.

Us As Your (PCO) Professional Conference Organizer

The Copenhagen Event Company is a well-respected Professional Conference Organizer (PCO). We specialize in Conference and Association Management. We can open the door to an almost endless steam of opportunities.
We have a solid reputation within the industry and a succesful track record conferences. This combined, has led us to be one of the most accomplished PR agencies in Denmark. Our employees are qualified with many years of experience and can offer professional help. We are experts in our fields, which has led to a serious increase in demand of our services.
Over the last few years we have managed a variety of events ranging from 20 to 16,000 participants.

Learn more about the professional CEC TEAM HERE

Besides to our team’s collective expertise, we have years of experience in the field. Our job is all about meeting your wishes and expectations. As well to ensure your guests are impressed with your event and have a positive experience. We look forward to work together in the future.

Read more about: event planning.

  • The search and selection of the right venue
  • Negotiations for pricing and contracts
  • Professional project management
  • Budgeting and finance: Legal and VAT matters. Sponsors and exhibition management all which has a positive impact on your finances.
  • Website
  • Participant registration
  • Sponsors—sales and coordination
  • Exhibition—sales and coordination
  • Hotel rooms—accommodation
  • Abstract handling
  • Research
  • On-site management
  • Consultation for VAT and legal matters
  • Interpreting
  • Social arrangements—dinners, sightseeing, business visits and creative events
  • Transport–by car, bus, aeroplane, bicycle
  • Entertainment
  • Coordination for necessary AV equipment
  • Logistics
  • Apps

We Are at Your Service 24/7

We know that inconveniences can occur at any hour of the day. As an organiser flexible communication is an urgent matter. Some errors can have a massive impact on the perception of your event and budget. Thus, we have our phones and e-mail servers are open 24 hours a day.
This ensures you a quick response to any occurrences that can influence your conference. If you are looking for a full service agency that is detail-oriented, professional, and reliable partner? Lets get together for a no-obligations meeting, e-mail You can decide whether our agency is the right fit for you.
If you are considering hosting a conference, we would love the opportunity to give you presentation of our services. Of course at no cost to you.
For an experienced professional conference organiser like us, no task is too big or too small. We have extensive experience in carrying out large-scale, complex, and international events. We take care of the planning and coordination of your conference from start to finish.

Relax and Let Us Handle All Management from A-Z

You can leave project management to us. We work with you as a team, so that your conference/congress is a success for everyone involved. We always work from the heart. With us at your side you’ll have more time and resources at hand. We lower all risks of error associated with executing a conference.
Focus instead on value-adding tasks and on the things that you are good at, while we cover everything else. Not only do we aid with all the nitty gritty management tasks, but we’ll also take care of your guests.

Due to our many years experience, we can ensure a positive experience. From first contact and until we meet in person at the event site.

As a professional congress organizer we assist you with:

Benefits of Having a Professional Conference Organizer

Planning conferences and congresses is al about the details. You need to have many aspects managed. You need to manage administration, logistics, marketing, attendees, suppliers, providers and so forth.
Every tiny details such as visual requirements, speaker presentations and the like have a huge impact. Having a professional conference organiser can help you out. You get the necessary skills and experience needed to ensure a high-quality conference.
Moreover, it can save you a lot of time and resources spent on educating your own staff. A professional conference organizer has a lot of benefits. This includes trained team, fixed procedures, necessary and proven market contacts.

7 benefits you can enjoy by teaming up with PCO to organise your conference

  • Save tremendous amount of time
  • Unburden yourself from excessive stress
  • Be able to focus on your value-adding tasks
  • Save time and money
  • Lower the risks of having a bad quality conference
  • Better safety and crisis/risk management
  • A better and more professional reputation

Assignments / Conferences

Below, you’ll find a collection of selected assignments we have completed. You are welcome to review them in greater detail.  If you are looking for a specific competency ,or if you would like to learn more about a particular assignment? Then you are more than welcome to contact us. We’ll give you more information or a presentation of a solution customized according to your needs.

Contact us to hear more about how we can help you.