Conferences, congresses & meetings

We are an event agency who specializes in arranging conferences, congresses, company events and meetings according to your individual wishes and needs.

Take our advice right from the start, and reap the benefits of many years of experience. We offer a total solution from start to finish, including advice or a helping hand for all parts of your congress, conference or meeting, including assistance in such activities as registration or the selection of a conference location.

The Copenhagen Event Company was founded in 2008, and has since held more than 1,000 events within its areas of expertise across Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. Most of our event assignments include 150 – 2,000 participants, but we also have plenty of experience with larger events accommodating 12,500 – 17,500 participants—we have organized five such events in Copenhagen.

So, if you are in the market for a reliable, full-service event agency with an eye for detail, who carries out its assignment with the professionalism your event deserves, let’s schedule a no-obligation meeting.
E-mail , to find out if our agency is the right fit for for your needs.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is an effective marketing strategy that provides access to publicity and customer contacts. It allows you to strengthen your image and your brand while developing your business, often opening the door to new sales opportunities and customers. This strategy is especially useful for growing companies, as event marketing can help increase visibility. It is an effective strategy that yields results. Events tend to be successful if they have a fun or quirky twist. Just one event can transform your company’s image. And it is often those small, targeted events that really allow you to break through. Learn more about event planning here.

We break free of digital platforms, print and TV and get out into the real world. Side by side with our customers. In combination with targeted publicity and the SoMe strategy, we work to promote user engagement to ensure that your product or brand gets extraordinary recognition.

PR & Marketing

We move the marketing focus from digital platforms and prints out in the real world. Closer to the consumers. Together with a targeted press – and SoMe-strategy we work with client-involvement and ensure that your brand or product gets an extraordinary attention.

Award shows

We are the driving force behind Danish Awards Shows. Since 2009, we have produced over 50 shows with over 50,000 guests, live TV productions, press, well-known hosts, international sports stars, world champions, Olympic medallists, legends, stars and celebrities.

Sporting events

We are one of the best resources in Denmark for arranging major national and international sporting events. We have many years of experience arranging a variety of major sporting events, but we have also conducted many smaller international events. We have a broad network of resources to draw from, we know the routine, which buttons to push and who, in any given situation, is the right person to quickly resolve a problem. In short, we know all the ins and outs when it comes time to organize a major sporting event.

That’s why it is a good idea to have the Copenhagen Event Company on the sidelines— “We know the ins and outs of sport and all event practicalities imaginable”.

Sports Events

We are among the best in Denmark when it comes to planning and settle both national and international sports events.

With numerous years of experience within the event business we know our way around when planning an event, we know which buttons to push and who to contact in all situations.

Christmas decorations

The Copenhagen Event Company is an important Scandinavian player when it comes to Christmas lighting and decorations.
Fantastic solutions for any project. If you would like to create eye-catching decorations, set up an enchanting Christmas scene or awaken your visitors’ senses, we can help you create the results your after with our exclusive products. From connectible light strings to giant polar bears—we offer the perfect solution for any space or project. Make us a part of your Christmas preparations next year.  You will not be disappointed.