Event Agency in Copenhagen

We are an sustainable event management agency and destination management company who specializes in many things. From arranging conferences, congresses, company events and meetings. Tailored according to your individual wishes and needs.

Take our advice right from the start, and reap the benefits of many years of experience as an event company. We offer total solutions including advice or a helping hand for all parts of your event. This includes help in activities such as registration or the selection of a conference location.




We Have Over 1,000 Successful Events Under our Belt

The Copenhagen Event Company began in 2008. SInce then we have held more than 1,000 events. As an event agency we have expertise across Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.

Most of our event assignments include 150 – 2,000 participants. We also have plenty of experience with larger events at 12,500 – 17,500 participants. We have organized five such events in Copenhagen.

We have organized five such events in Copenhagen.

We Have the Resources and Expertise to Make Your Event a Success

As an event agency we have a big network and ressources to take on any kind of event. Having been in the industry for many years, we are aware of all the factors that you, need to take into consideration when planning an event.

Through mutual communication and respect to your brand values, we plan the event. Through our event services, we organize the perfect and complete event tailored to your needs.

So, if you are searching for a reliable, full-service event agency with an eye for detail. An agency that carries out the assignment with the professionalism your event deserves? Lets schedule a no-obligation meeting. 

E-mail bo@cecevent.dk , to find out if our agency is the right fit for for your needs.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is an effective strategy that provides access to publicity and customers. It allows you to strengthen the perception of you and your brand.

It helps you develop your business by opening doors for new sales opportunities. Moreover, it helps increase visibiliy and reach thereof. As such, it is a useful strategy for growing companies.

Promotions and performance marketing are effective and powerful tools when a company is in need of branding. The same goes for furthering a product.



Event marketing is an effective strategy that yields results. Events tend to be successful if they have a fun or quirky twist. Just one event can transform your company’s image. And it is often those small, targeted events that allow you to break through. Learn more about event planning and marketing here.

We Create Experiences That Help Clients Accomplish Their Marketing Needs

We break free of digital platforms, print and TV and get out into the real world. Side by side with our customers.

We use both targeted publicity and SoMe strategies to promote user engagement. This ensure that your product or brand gets extraordinary recognition.

Event marketing can be exactly what your product or company needs. The right attention should come from both digital and performance marketing. With the right mix of strategies and with us by your side, your next event will be a success.

We Create Amazing Experiences Which Live On in The Mind

As an event agency we trust using events as an integrated part in your marketing and branding strategies.

Event marketing is the only form of marketing that affects and influence all senses at once. Visitors do not attend an event, they experience it.

They feel it, see it, smell it, hear it and even taste it. This is the perfect cocktail for leaving a strong impression. One that lives long in the memory afterwards.

PR and Marketing

We move the marketing focus from digital platforms and prints out in the real world. Closer to the consumers. We use targeted press, SoMe strategies and involve clients. This ensure that your brand or product gets extraordinary attention.


Award shows

We are the driving force behind Danish Award Shows. We have since 2099 produced over 50 shows with over 50,000 guests.
This include:
  • Live TV productions
  • Press
  • Well-known hosts
  • International sports stars
  • World champions
  • Olympic medallists
  • Legends,
  • Stars and celebritets

Sporting events


We are one of the best event planning agencies in Denmark. As an event agency in Copenhagen we help arrange major national and international sporting events.

We have many years of experience arranging different major sporting events. We have also conducted many smaller international events as well.

Sports Events

We are among the best in Denmark when it comes to planning and settle both national and international sports events.

As an event agency with many years of experience within the event business we know our way around. When planning an event, we know which buttons to push and who to contact in all situations.


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