Sporting events

The Copenhagen Event Company has experience promoting and executing national and international sporting events in Denmark.

We work closely with the sport federations to attract national and international sporting events to Denmark. We often serve as a close link between the event organizer and the host city. We facilitate and tend to communications with important contacts, provide general assistance, and help give the organizers an overview of the variety of facilities that are available in the individual host cities. In addition, we participate in the planning and execution of the actual events.

We are a full-service logistics and comprehensive event management agency.

International sporting and cultural events help Denmark’s brand and attract international tourists to the country.

Each individual event has its own DNA and unique purpose. Some events are focused on drawing international tourists to Denmark and elevating Denmark’s global brand. Others are focused on anchoring interest and loyalty or adding value for a community etc. in order to promote interest in a sport, cultural interest or product.

Events, big and small, national and international, contribute differently to the overall social, cultural and economic value in the modern experience-oriented economy. It is against this backdrop that goals for an event are set and subsequently evaluated. For an event to be successful, we recommend that goals be set early on, in the planning phase.

That’s why it is a good idea to have the Copenhagen Event Company on the sidelines— “We know the ins and outs of sport and all event practicalities imaginable”.

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