We are a strategic, executive PR and marketing agency ready to take charge of your event marketing. We provide competent, honest advice in relation to the customer’s interests that creates value for the customer in an ever changing media market. We knuckle down and pursue measurable results by offering creative, customized solutions that support the business. We troubleshoot any bumps along the way and challenge our customers in a constructive manner. We can be a full service lead agency or a complementary agency working in synergy with your other marketing activities.

We work to raise the awareness of brands, products, businesses and advertising campaigns in end consumers, and we have many years of experience as a strategic, creative, proactive PR partner for some of Denmark’s leading companies. Our customers come from the sport, lifestyle, food and beverage industries.

We have our own blog directory with more than 50 leading bloggers, with whom we have strong, personal relationships. We engage our bloggers as trustworthy ambassadors for our customers’ brands, and by segmenting our bloggers, we ensure the right message reaches the right target audience.

We keep an eye out for new trends, think with a focus on the target audience and go the extra mile in pursuit of reliable, valuable results.

We help with most communication assignments:

  • Strategic and creative campaigns
  • Widespread exposure in social media and blog posts
  • Press releases with a twist that pique consumer interest
  • Fantastic publicity and consumer events
  • Product placement
  • Use of traditional and new PR approaches and communication channels
  • Concepts that work in synergy with other marketing strategies
  • Proactive crisis management, minimizing bad publicity

For many years, the Copenhagen Event Company has served as the publicity office for many of the biggest players in the travel industry.  We ensure access to publicity and market hotels, destinations, hotel booking portals and airlines.

We organize press tours and create travel guides, press releases and contests that support a customer’s core message. We have established good relationships and have a long history of contact with leading Danish, Scandinavian and European travel media outlets.

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Below, you will find a collection of selected assignments we have completed which you are welcome to review in greater detail.
If you are searching for a specific competency or if you would like to learn more about a particular assignment, you are more than welcome to contact us for more information or a presentation of a solution that has been customized according to your needs.