Tour of Denmark 2016, 2017 and 2018 Come join us on tour where you can meet the travelling experts free of charge, setting the Nutrilett bus in gear on the road to a thinner Denmark. You will be able to check your body fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI or body age. When the Nutrilett bus set out on its first tour of Denmark in September 2016, it was an overwhelming success—in fact, it went so well that the bus is now taking another tour, and this time around it will include stops at many more cities where people are eager to meet the travelling experts.
With more than 75 stops planned across the country in just four weeks, the objective is to meet Danes right where they live and provide positive inspiration that can give good habits a boost and to provide personalized, concrete advice for weight loss—or to keep that slim waistline.
Get a personalised check-up
On its tour around the country, the bus will be staffed with local experts.
The Nutrilett bus will provide a free test that will tell you how old your body really is in relation to your chronological age as well as your BMI, body fat percentage, fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass and other figures. Based on this information, the expert will provide personal recommendations to help you lose weight, maintain your current weight, or change your current lifestyle. The check is completely free of charge and is done by stepping up on a special scale.
When the Nutrilett bus gets in gear, Nutrilett and the Copenhagen Event Company will be behind the event, and we will also be offering tasting samples of Nutrilett bars by the bus.

The Copenhagen Event Company takes responsibility for the creative process, execution, staffing, SoMe and contests.