In connection with Reebok’s launch of their new ZPump Fusion 2.0 trainers, the Copenhagen Event Company arranged 3 different events with a common theme. We held 2 store/centre events in Frederiksberg Centre and Bruuns Bazaar in Aarhus over 3 days; shopping centre guests were welcome to try out shoes in different competitions right in middle of the shopping centres (over 3 days, more than 500 guests tried out the shoes) and they could win a pair of Reebok shoes. The 3rd event was a race in Copenhagen, where 200 selected participants could try out these wonderful new shoes. This was not a typical race, rather, it was a smaller OCR race intended to attract some extra attention. We stacked up some city-friendly obstacles beside some of the most notable places in the inner city. Obviously, the goal of the race was to create a buzz around the new Rebook ZPump Fusion 2.0, so of course, you organize a race in the location with the most people, Copenhagen K. We arranged a series of straw bale obstacles right by the city court in Nytorv, a tire race course at Gråbrødre Torv, an array of vans and trucks to create an obstacle course section at Højbro Plads, and a Highwall and a really cool Ramp right in front of Magasin at Kongens Nytorv! A ramp that gave everyone a chance to see what a real OCR race is all about!
It was all a marketing stunt for Reebok, and at the same time, it was a really great race that gave everyone, participants and spectators alike, an idea of what the shoes could be used for—Copenhagen K was painted with Reebok colours that day.
The Copenhagen Event Company took care of everything from the concept, to implementation, celebrity invites, SoMe, publicity, logistics and on-site staffing. It was named the best Launch Event in Europe.